Zong Internet Packages

Zong Internet Packages (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)

Zong was considered as the smallest telecom company in Pakistan. But, after years of hard work, Zong is one the fastest-growing, reliable and best service provider in all over Pakistan. it is one of the best cellular companies providing services in Pakistan. They are offering a different range of Zong internet packages which helps you to connect with the entire world by making live video calls, watching videos and using social media platforms.

Zong brings a variety of 2G, 3G and 4G internet packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers. Most of the internet users are shifted to Zong because of its amazing internet speed. The company is holding 20% of users all over Pakistan but the number of users is increasing day by day due to its 4G internet service. Zong is going to introduce LTE technology soon.

Zong always tries to bring very cheap offers for its customers. The company is providing very affordable call Packages and SMS packages as well. Here in this article, we are going to share all Zong Internet Packages. Find the best suitable for you and avail of the latest best offers.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

Zong Network offering a wide range of packages for its users in daily internet bundles at a very low cost. It knows the user’s needs and trying to provide good services to the users. Zong Daily Internet Packages are the most common in all over Pakistan. There are three daily internet bundles that vary in time duration and MBs. The daily Zong net packages are mostly for users who are not frequent users of the internet. Here is the list of all daily Zong internet bundles. Find the best package that suits you the most and enjoy hassle-free internet. These daily internet bundles are very affordable for every kind of user. Let’s check out the bundles.

Daily Basic Rs. 17 + tax 100MB internet for 1 day 1 Day *6464#
Daily Data Max Rs. 38 + tax 500MB internet is only for youtube & 500MB internet for other use 1 Day *6464#
Zong Day Time Offer Rs. 16 + tax 1200MBs internet Expire at 7 PM Type "DTO" and send it to 6464
Zong Good Night offer Rs. 16 + tax 2500MB internet Expire at 9 PM Type”GNO” and send it to 6464
All-in-1 Daily Rs. 25 + tax 40 On-net minutes & 40 off-net minutes, 400MB internet & 400 free SMS 1 Day *6464#

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Zong introduced Weekly 4G Internet Packages which allows you to stay connected with your friends and family. Some of the most popular packages include Mega Weekly, Super Weekly Plus and Super Weekly. The company is always staying ahead to bring affordable packages to its users. You get a lot of internet MBs in the weekly offers which allows you to download and watch your favorite without worrying about internet data. Due to the low rates of weekly bundles these offers are very popular among Zong users. Take a look at Weekly bundles and subscribe to the one which suits you.

Super Weekly Offer Rs. 123 + tax 2500 MB internet for a week 7 Days *6464#
Super Weekly Plus Rs. 164 +tax 7000 MB internet 7 Days *20#
Super Weekly Max Rs. 201 + tax 25000 MB ( 10000 MB for 24 hours & 5000 MB for 4 AM to 4 PM, 10000 MB only for YouTube) 7 Days *220#
Zong Shandaar Weekly Offer Rs. 85 + tax 350MB internet Plus 50 off-net minutes & 1000 on-net minutes & 1000 free SMS 7 Days *7#
All-in-1 Weekly Rs. 200 + tax 1000 On-net minutes & 40 off-net minutes, 1000MB internet & 1000 free SMS 7 Days *6464#
Hafta-war Load Offer Rs. 250 + tax 3000MB internet Plus 3000 on-net minutes & 80 off-net minutes, Plus 3000 SMS 7 Days *70#

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

Zong is also providing monthly internet packages. If you are a regular user of the internet then these monthly internet bundles are the best option. The Zong monthly internet package makes you tension-free for an everyday subscription. You don’t need to subscribe package again and again. What you need to do is subscribe to one and enjoy using the internet for a whole month. Zong provides a lot of Internet MBs in the monthly plans. If you are frequent user subscribe to the monthly package and enjoy internet entire month. Monthly internet packages are a bit costly but provide enough MBs so that you can upload and download without any worry. Check out Zong Monthly Internet Plan. Find and subscribe to your desired package.

Monthly Mini 150 Rs. 50 + tax 150 MB internet for a month 30 Days *6464# and select required one
Monthly Basic 500 Rs. 150 +tax 500MBs internet 30 Days *6464# and select required one
Monthly Premium 3GB Rs. 300 + tax 3000 MB data 30 Days *6464# and select required one
Monthly Premium 12GB Rs. 717 + tax 15GB internet 30 Days *6464# and select required one
Zong Super Card Rs. 499 + tax 2.5GB internet 30 Days *50#

Zong Internet Packages Social Packs

Zong Social Packages are also available for Zong users. These social packages are very nominal. There are a lot of users who only use social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. For those users, Zong has introduced social packages. So, if you do not browse on the internet and only use social media then social packages are the best option for you. The price of social bundles is very low. These bundles are available for a single day or month. Here we are going to share the Zong Social Packages list to find the bundle which can fulfill your requirements. Check the details of the packages below.

Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter) Rs 10 + tax 100MBs 24 Days *6464# and select required one
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi) Rs 5 + tax 50MBs 1Day *6464# and select required one
Social Pack (Facebook) Rs 5 + tax 50MBs for facebook 1 Day *6464# and select required one
Social Pack (WhatsApp) Rs. 30 + tax 4GB for whatsapp 30 Days *247# to subscribe

Zong Super Student Bundle

The Super Student Bundle is specially introduced for students. These bundles came with low prices. Zong also considered students and provide them low costs internet package. Because, many times students need the internet for creating their homework, assignments, and preparation of assignments. So, Zong brings low-cost offers for students to fulfill their needs.

SUPER STUDENT BUNDLE Rs. 5+Tax 30 MB internet, Unlimited On-Net Calls Next 2 Hours *5555#

Zong Adds-On

Many times you have internet data but you need more MBs for downloading and uploading data. So, Zong brings Add-ons for this purpose. If you have consumed your 80% of internet MBs and need more MBs you can simply avail Add-ons offer. Check the table to get to know how to subscribe to Zong Add-Ons.

Basic Add-on Rs. 10 30MB 10MB send “ba” to 6464
Premium Add-on Rs. 20 80MB 10MB send “pa” to 6464

Also, Check Zong Call Packages

Terms and Conditions

Here some of the terms and conditions for availing these packages.

  • For getting access to Zong packages you must have prepaid Zong SIM because daily and weekly offers are not available for prepaid customers.
  • If you are using the internet without Zong Internet Package you will be charged 4 Rs/MB.
  • Zong does not allow you to subscribe to multiple data bundles at a time. For subscribing to other you have to deactivate the first one.

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages

Zong never ignores its customer needs that’s why for postpaid customer Zong introduced various internet offers. But, daily and weekly offers are not available in postpaid service because these customers follow a billing cycle. So, they can avail 30 days offers from Zong.

Z3000 Rs.2,190+Tax 25600MB internet, Unlimited On-Net, 1200 Off-Net and 5000 SMS 30 Days Rs.5000
Z1500 Rs.1,095+Tax 8000MB internet, Unlimited On-Net, 800 Off-Net and 4000 SMS 30 Days Rs.3000
Z900 Rs. 657+Tax 4000MB internet, Unlimited On-Net, 500 Off-Net and 2000 SMS 30 Days Rs.2000
Z500 Rs. 365+Tax 2000MB internet, 1500 On-Net, 250 Off-Net and 1000 SMS 30 Days Rs.1000
Z300 Rs. 300+Tax 1000MB internet, 500 On-Net, 100 Off-Net and 500 SMS 30 Days Rs.1000

How to deactivate Zong internet packages?

To deactivate Zong internet bundle dial *6464# and reply with 4. After that select the desired bundle and reply with 3 to un-subscribe.

How to check remaining Zong internet MBs?

To check the remaining internet volume, dial *102# and select 4. You will receive SMS of your remaining data.

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