Ufone Internet Packages – [Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prepaid/ Postpaid]

Ufone Internet packages are one of the best and low-cost packages in Pakistan. The company is providing internet services all over Pakistan at low rates. Ufone brings the best facilities to its users by offering different internet packages. To remain connected with your family and the entire world, by making calls, watching new videos, and by watching the daily news. 

Ufone Daily Internet Packages

Ufone is providing daily internet offers for its users. If you want to see all packages dial *3# and select the one you want to subscribe to. Ufone is providing a lot of affordable bundles. Choose your best-desired internet package and enjoy Ufone Internet services. Ufone is offering a lot of daily 3G bundles for Ufone customers. But, the negative point is that Ufone is woking of 3G has not been upgraded to 4G yet. As in today’s world, people are looking for LTE and 5G services. It is surprising that Ufone is not upgraded yet.

Ufone Daily Light Rs. 10 + tax 40 MB data with 500 MB for Whatsapp, Facebook andTwitter 1 Day *2256#
Ufone Daily Heavy Rs. 15 +tax 75 MB data with 500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter 1 Day *2258#
Special Daily 01 AM- 09 PM Rs. 5 +tax 50 MB data with 500 MB Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter, Line) 1 Day *3461#
Mega Internet Bucket 1 AM – 8 AM Rs. 12 +tax 2GB data 1 Day *550#


For Ufone daily internet packages all social media like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp all are free to use. In Daily Light Bucket you can get 40MBs of the internet in only Rs 10+tax. The duration of this package is one day. To subscribe to Daily Light Bucket you have to dial *804#. If you have subscribed package and want to unsubscribe it by sending the UNSUB message to 8804.

In Daily Heavy Bucket users can get 75 MBs internet volume in only Rs 15+tax. The duration of the Heavy Bucket is also one day. This package can be subscribed by dialing code *8042#. To unsubscribe this bundle you can dial *4804#.

  • They are only valid for Pakistan Ufone network users.
  • These packages are ended at 12 PM.
  • These Ufone net packages are limited time offer.

Ufone 3-Days Internet Packages

The 3 days Ufone 3G/4G allows you to use the internet for three days. Here is the list of 3 days of internet packages. Subscribe a three-day bucket and enjoy using the internet for the next three days. We have shared the activation code in the table, dial the code to avail of this offer.

3 Day Bucket Rs. 25 + tax 100 MB data with 500 MB for Whatsapp, Facebook andTwitter 3 Days *3350#

Ufone Social Buckets

Many people only use social media platforms that’s why Ufone offering social data bundles for those users. Social bundles have different time plans and charges. These bundles are available in different options of hourly, daily and monthly. Check the table below and get the offer which suits your requirement.

Social Daily Rs. 5 + tax 100 MB 1 Day *4422#
Daily Chat Rs. 5 + tax 10,000 SMS and Unlimited Whatsapp 1 Day *3465#
Streaming Offer Rs. 8 + tax 500 MB for Youtube and Daily Motion 1 Day *78#
Social Monthly Rs. 50 + tax Free Usage on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. 30 Days *5858#

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

To facilitate its customers, Ufone is offering Ufone weekly internet packages. These internet packages allow the user to remain connected to the internet world by spending less amount. The Internet is now a very important part of daily life.

Weekly Light Rs. 50 + tax 250 MB 7 Days *7811#
Super Internet Rs. 130 + tax 1200 MB 7 Days *220#
Weekly Internet Plus Rs. 175 + tax 3000 MB 7 Days *260#


Ufone is providing Weekly internet 3G offers for its users. These offers are very eye catchy for a lot of customers. Ufone is providing a different kind of offers to reach more people. Weekly Ufone internet packages expire after 7 days. In Super offer, Internet customers are allowed to get 1024 MBs of the internet for the whole week. The charges of this package are just 100+tax. You can subscribe to Super Internet by dialing *220# code.

In Weekly Light Bucket Ufone gives users 250 MBs of internet. The duration of this package is one week. You can subscribe to this package by spending Rs 100+tax. To avail of this offer dial *7811# from your phone.

In Weekly heavy Bucket, users can get 500 MBs of the internet in just Rs 150+ tax. The Heavy Bucket is valid for 7 days. You can subscribe to this package by dialing *7815#.

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Ufone is offering a wide range of Monthly Internet Packages as well. Many users never want to subscribe to packages again and again. For fulfilling all kinds of user’s desires Ufone brings monthly internet packages. Ufone’s new internet packages won the heart of its users. The company is providing high-quality 3G internet packages so that to make its users happier. The new service of Ufone gets popular in a very short time because of its amazing service.

Ufone Monthly Light Rs. 250 + tax 1 GB and 2GB Social Media Data 30 Days *7807#
Ufone Monthly Heavy Rs. 500 + tax 3 GB and 2GB Social Media Data 30 Days *803#
Ufone Monthly Max Rs. 1000 + tax 10 GB and 2GB Social Media Data 30 Days *5100#


Ufone is trying to make its user’s life easier. That’s why they introduced Ufone 3G mobile internet packages. Find and subscribe to the monthly package that suits you the most and fulfil your needs.

Here in this article, we have provided all the details of Ufone Monthly Internet Packages. Select the right one that suits you. Ufone is constantly introducing new internet 3G and Social bundles for its users. So, they can enjoy the service cheaper.

In a monthly 1 GB data bundle, users can get 1024 MBs of the internet for one month. The cost of this package is Rs 250+tax. Similarly, In the Monthly 3 GB package, the user gets 3072 MBs for 30 days. The charges for this monthly offer is Rs 500+tax. Subscribe 3 GB bundle by dialling *803#. In the Monthly 10 GB bundle, you can get 10 GB of the internet for one month. In this plan, users get 10,240 MBs of the internet for the one-month duration. The charges of this package are Rs 1000+tax. Subscribe 10 GB package by dialling code *5100#.

Ufone Internet Packages

The company network coverage is around 10,000 locations all over Pakistan. For international calling Company installed more than 288 operators. Ufone offers the largest GPRS system which is covering around 122 countries. The Internet changed the lives of people. As 3G and 4G launched, it changed the lives of every mobile user. People want to access and share their views on social media accounts like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter all the time. Ufone offers a variety of internet packages for its users. So that they remain connected with their loved ones all the time.

In Ufone 3 days internet package you can get 100 MBs of the internet for 3 days by spending Rs 25+tax. Users can subscribe to this package by dialling *3350#. Ufone tries to fulfil the desire of each customer by providing good services. According to the Ufone policy, customers are the centre of their service. They make it clear that their services revolve around their customer. So, they always try to make sure that customers should be happy by using its internet services. The only drawback of Ufone is they are providing only 3G services. While other mobile networks are providing 4G and LTE services as well. Ufone should move to 4G services as well because now it is a basic need of every user.

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