Telenor Internet Packages 2G, 3G & 4G – Daily, 3-days Weekly and Monthly

Telenor internet packages are very cheapest among all other networks. The company is covering around 39 million users.  It is providing very affordable bundles for the internet, SMS and call packages. Telenor is very famous for its low rates of bundles for its users. This is one of the reasons why Telenor has more number of users. Telenor is very famous for providing a low rate of internet bundles. Here is this article, we are going to share all Internet Packages daily, weekly, and monthly. Let’s take a look at Telenor’s daily internet packages.

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Telenor daily net packages are available for both prepaid postpaid customers. These daily packages for all users like a student and other people who are looking for daily internet services. If you are a student and want to browse on the internet for making assignments and projects then don’t worry just activate Telenor Daily Internet Package? Telenor is offering various daily internet offers. If you want to stay connected with your friends and family through social sites or applications, Telenor provides you such packages. You can activate daily social bundles. Here is the list of Daily Telenor Internet Package. Select the one which suits you the most.

4G Daily Lite Bundle Rs. 14 You will get 50 MB 1 Day *12#
Telenor Raat Din Offer Rs. 18 1.5GB from 12AM to 12PM) 1 Day *150#
Telenor Video Bundle Rs. 10 500MB for next 1 hour 1 Day *60#

Terms and Conditions

  • If you use the internet on the default rate, after spending Rs. 60 further internet using will be totally free of cost.
  • The daily internet packages work on 4G,3G & 2G.
  • Telenor default rate of internet usage is Rs12/MB.
  • The default rate of internet usage on 2G is Rs21.5/MB.

Telenor Internet Packages 3-Days

Are you looking for 3 days Telenor packages? If yes here in this table we have shared Telenor 3 Days Internet Packages. If you are not comfortable with daily offers, try 3-Day internet packages. Check the details of these packages in the table below and find the best suitable for you. These packages provide you sufficient internet MBs so that you can stay connected to the internet without worrying about data usage.

All In One Offer 54 rupees get 500 MB by subscribing 3 Days *345*45#
4G 3 Day Bundle 49 rupees 200MB internet with extra 200MB for Facebook 3 Days *32#

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

As it is a bit difficult to activate packages daily it required time and process. Here we are sharing Telenor Weekly Net Packages. Activate the weekly package and get rid of the daily activation process. Telenor provides a lot of data on weekly bundles so that you can browse the internet without facing any data issues. Using Telenor Net packages you can chat with your friends, scroll social website and download unlimited songs, videos, games, etc. Here is the list of Telenor weekly internet offers check and active your favorite one.

Also, check Telenor Call Packages

Telenor Weekly Internet All In One Plus 190 rupees get 3500 MB of internet for a week 7 Days *345*88#
Weekly Internet All In One 120 rupees 1,500 MB internet data 7 Days *345*75#
Weekly Unlimited 4G Internet 101 rupees 2500 MB internet data 7 Days *345*144#
Weekly Super 4G 120 rupees 2GB internet data with 500MB for WhatApp, Goonj and GameBox 7 Days *288#
Weekly Ultra 4G Offer 170 rupees 12 GB data with 1 GB for Goonj 7 Days *336#

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Many people want huge internet data. Therefore, Telenor is offering monthly internet packages. Users can get a huge amount of MBs in these monthly bundles. These monthly bundles are a bit costly but you can use and enjoy internet surfing throughout the month. Enjoy using the internet the whole month by activating monthly offers of Telenor. The monthly internet package helps you to get tension free for the whole month. Use Social Media, share photos with friends and watch videos on YouTube an entire month. Check out all the monthly packages here.

Monthly Facebook and Whatsapp 40 rupees 3000 MB Internet for FB and Whatsapp 30 Days *911#
4G Monthly Lite 200 rupees 2000 MB internet data with 1000 MB for WhatsApp, Goonj and GameBox apps 30 Days *301#
4G Monthly bundle 600 rupees 9GB internet data 30 Days *303#
4G Monthly Starter 300 rupees 8 GB internet data but 4GB only from 1 AM – 7 AM 30 Days *302#
All In One Monthly 418 rupees 5GB internet 30 Days *345*246#

Telenor Data SIM Bundles

Similarly, Telenor is also providing packages for internet devices as well. For these packages, Telenor offers data SIMs for availing these offers. These SIMs can be used in mobiles and internet devices as well. Here is the list of Telenor Data SIMs packages. Check out all the packages and find the best related to your choice.

Monthly 4G Budget 500 Rupees 9GB internet 30 Days *345*2001#
Monthly 4G Starter 750 Rupees 15GB internet 30 Days *345*2002#
Monthly 4G Lite 1500 rupees 36GB internet 30 Days *345*1001#
Monthly 4G Smart 2200 rupees 85GB internet 30 Days *345*1002#
Monthly 4G Value 3800 rupees 150GB internet 30 Days *345*1003#

Telenor Postpaid Internet Packages

Telenor has also offered its postpaid customer. These packages are cheap but for postpaid users, Telenor not offer daily and weekly packages. It only allows monthly internet packages. Here is the list of all Telenor Postpaid internet packages.

Freedom Internet 2000 2000 Rupees 12GB internet 30 Days *345#
Freedom Internet 1200 1200 Rupees 25GB internet 30 Days *345#

Telenor Internet Packages

Telenor has a different variety of 3G and 4G packages. Its cost ranges from 2 rupees to 900 rupees and data MBs ranging from 50 MBs to 1000 MBs. These packages are offered according to the customer needs or the requirements of the different individuals. The time limit of the different packages is ranging from one day to 30 days like daily packages, 3 days packages, weekly packages, and monthly packages. Telenor internet packages are very low-cost. Telenor offers such packages according to the violet of a common man. High-cost packages are also available for the users. Also providing some exclusive offers with internet packages like free on-net minutes, free off-net minutes and free SMs.

Terms and Conditions

  1. They are only valid for Pakistan Telenor users.
  2. These packages are ended at midnight.
  3. These Telenor Internet packages are limited-time offers.
  4. These packages are only activated on Telenor mobile number.
  5. These packages are valid for one day.
  6. All Telenor users are eligible for these Telenor net packages offers.
  7. It includes limited tax when you subscribe to the offer.