Telenor Call Packages Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Telenor call packages are one of the best and at very low-cost packages. To fulfill the customer’s requirements Telenor is offering very attractive call packages. Telenor offers several packages for its customers. These packages are ranging from Rs 5.5 to Rs 600. It means that you have a lot of options for finding the package that suits your requirements.

Telenor has more than 3 million active users. For fulfilling their requirements Tenenlor is fully focusing on their customer needs. Telenor introduces 4G service as well. Telenor 4G is one of the best 4G services in Pakistan. They are continued to build the 4G network to find and address the requirements of customers. Hence, Telenor is trying to create a unique blend. To facilitate the customer’s, Company is offering multiple offers which are daily, weekly and monthly Telenor Call packages. Customers can avail of different offers according to their requirements.

Telenor provides call packages at very low-cost so that maximum users get the benefit. This is one of the best cellular companies in the world, which is providing services to its users. It allows you can make calls from Telenor to any network at a low price. Provide high-quality signals and no interruption during the call. Telenor is trying to cover all over the area in Pakistan to facilitate more users.

As it is very difficult to remember and aware of the latest Telenor Packages. Therefore, we make it easy for all the customers to know about the Telenor packages.

Telenor is providing many packages to its users. Here in this article, we are going to provide all the important information about Telenor packages.

Telenor Daily Call Packages

Telenor daily call packages are valid for 24 hours. One day Telenor package is best if you have to make calls for hours or a day. if you make a call without a package, you might be losing all your balance in minutes. Therefore, the company introduced Daily Telenor Packages. See the table below to find your best required daily package.

Telenor Good Time Offer 7 rupees Unlimited on-net minutes for 2 hours (except 6pm to 9pm) for next 2 hours *345*20#
Telenor Daily Offer 10 rupees 10,000 On-net minutes and 20MBs Internet from 6 AM to 6 PM 1 Day *345*006#
Telenor Full Day offer 18 rupees Unlimited On-net minutes, 60MB internet and 15MB 1 Day *5*250#
Telenor Mini Budget Package 15 rupees 50 On-net minutes and 300 SMS 1 Day *240#
Telenor 100 Minute Mini Budget Package 18 rupees 100 On-net minutes and 300 free SMS 1 Day *050#


If you have to make calls for a day like Eid days and other one day events daily offers are the best. Some people make long calls to their relatives and friends on weekends. For making it a low cost, Telenor is providing a solution to this problem by introducing its One-day Telenor Packages. So, subscribe to Telenor Daily Call Packages and make your day more beautiful while talking to your loved ones. One day package starts from 5 rupees to 18 rupees.

There are some packages in which you get limited minutes for calling. It’s up to users that they are looking for unlimited minutes or limited minutes. Subscribe the one-day Telenor package which suits you the most. All Daily Call Packages have different codes for a subscription. Find the package you want to subscribe, we have also provided the code for activating the offers. Check the table of Telenor Daily Call Packages for all information.

Telenor Djuice prime time is valid only for one day. In this package, you can get unlimited minutes only in 5 rupees. For subscribing to the package dial the code available in the table. This offer is only available for Djuice users.

A good time offer is the best package provided by Telenor. This offer is available in 7 rupees. It allows you to get 1000  Telenor to Telenor minutes. You can subscribe to this offer only by dialing *345*20#.

Telenor Call Packages 3-Day

Here we are going to provide you complete details of all 3 days call bundles. In the below table, we have shared Telenor 3 days call packages along with detail of SMS, internet and activation code. Check the table below and subscribe to the one suites you.

Telenor 3 Din Sahulat Offer Rs. 47 25 Off-Net, 250 On-Net Minutes, 250 SMS and 50MB Internet 3 Days *5*3#
Din Bhar Offer 3 Days Rs. 24 Unlimited On-Net Call from 6 AM to 6 PM. 3 Days *345*626#
3 Day Super hit Rs. 34 Make Free On-Net calls except 7pm to 10pm 3 Days *345*299#
All in One Offer Rs. 50 Get Rs. 75 Balance for Calling on All Network 3 Days *2*20#
3 Days On-Net Offer Rs. 30 250 0n-Net Minutes, 500 SMS and 15 MB internet 3 Days *730#
Telenor 3/3 OFFER Rs. 46 600 On-Net minutes, 300 SMS and 50 MB internet 3 Days *345*243#

Telenor Weekly Call Packages

Here is a detailed table Telenor Call Packages for those who are looking for weekly call bundles. Telenor offers a lot of weekly bundles including on-net minutes, off-net minutes, SMS and internet. In this table, we are providing a complete guide on how to subscribe Telenor weekly package?

Weekly Chappar Phaar Offer Rs. 90 800 On-Net Minutes and 70MB Internet 7 Days Activated through the official website or Telenor application
Weekly Sahulat Offer Rs. 115 1000 On-Net Call, 70 Off-Net and 100MB of internet 7 Days *5*7#
Telenor 2 Paisa Weekly Offer Rs. 4.78 2paisa/sec for callson any network 7 Days *345*227#
Seven Day Mini Budget Offer Rs. 86 500 On-net minutes, 1000 SMS and 50MBs 7 Days *345*247#
Telenor EasyCard Weekly Package Rs.150 500 On-net,50 Off-net minutes, 500 SMS, 750MBs internet data 7 Days Simply Load a card

Telenor Monthly Call Packages

A lot of people make calls daily. Monthly call packages are offered for those who have to make calls every day. Telenor offers many different monthly call offers at low rates. Here is a complete list of Telenor packages. Find your best related and affordable monthly package and subscribe to it by dialling the code shown in the table.

Telenor EasyCard Rs. 350 500 On-Net or PTCL mins, 50 Off-Net mins, 500 SMS, and 500 MB 1 month Load an EasyCard
Telenor EasyCard Plus Rs. 600 2000 On-net, 150 Off-net minutes, 2000MBs internet, and 2000 SMS 1 month Load an EasyCard
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Rs. 418 3000 On-net, 3000 SMS, and 300MBs internet 1 month *345*30#

Other Packages

Telenor provides monthly call packages for its users which contain free minutes, Sms and Internet. Select the package which fulfills your needs. Start talking to your friends and family by subscribing to the latest Telenor packages.

Telenor Postpaid Call Packages

Here is a detailed table of Postpaid user’s call packages.

SMART 3000 Rs. 3,000+ Tax Free Any Network Minutes 3600 and SMS 3000 1 month
SMART 1500 Rs. 1,500+ Tax Free Any Network Minutes 1800 and SMS 1500 1 month
SMART 1000 Rs. 1,000+ Tax Free Any Network Minutes 1200 and SMS 1000 1 month
SMART 600 Rs. 600+ Tax Free Any Network Minutes 700 and SMS 100 1 month
SMART 300 Rs. 300+ Tax Free Any Network Minutes 300 and SMS 50 1 month

Terms and Conditions

  • The company has a right to change packages time, covert and charges.
  • Subscribing to a package you will be charged 12.5 paisa (including tax).
  • Telenor adds previous remaining minutes or MBs when you re-subscribe.
  • The company can stop the packages anytime.
  • A company can change offer any time.

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Final Words

Finally, now you know all the Telenor Packages. The company is providing call packages in a good range. They are targeting every section of people’s lives. Technology changes the life of human beings. Nowadays, living without mobile is very difficult because now the mobile is the need of everyone. You are cut off from the world if you do not have a mobile phone. Having mobile you become aware of everything around the world. Therefore, Telenor is providing amazing services to its users. So, they remain connected with the world.

Every day we make a lot of calls to our relatives, friends and other people. Because it is our basic need. If we make a call without a package, it is very difficult to afford. One single call costs a lot. So, if you have a long call, its better to go for a Telenor call package rather then making calls without the package. This is the reason Telenor introduces call packages for its customers. So, they can call their loved ones at a low cost. Subscribe to the Telenor Call Packages and start making calls.