PTA Mobile Registration can be done very easily. You might receive a message from 8484 which is an official code used by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) in which PTA announces that you have to register your mobile phone before 20th October. If you will not register till October your mobile phone will be automatically blocked. This is because PTA introduced a new mandatory rule of mobile registration in Pakistan. Every mobile phone must be registered with PTA.

After issuing this order of PTA mobile registration it is necessary for all mobile users to register mobile phones as soon as possible because PTA has a DIRBS system for Device Identification and Blocking System. This is confirmed and guaranteed that the PTA framework is going to implement on all gadgets.

What is IMEI number?

IMEI number is a unique code of your mobile phone. It helps you to identify your mobile with IMEI number. If this number is blocked by PTA then no one will be able to access mobile networks and use the device. The device will not be able to make or receive calls.

How to check the IMEI number of your smartphone?

There is a number of methods to find your mobile device IMEI number. Here we are going to tell you how you can find your IMEI number.

  1. Dial *#06# on your mobile. You will see your IMEI number.
  2. Go to ‘Settings of your Phone’ and ‘About Phone’, you will find the IMEI number.
  3. If you have a mobile box you will find the IMEI number printed on it.
  4.  If your mobile device is battery removable, you will find the IMEI number on the back of your phone after removing the battery.

How to register the phone with PTA?

Let’s check out how to register your device with PTA. There are three ways a user can register the device.

Method 1: By Sending SMS to 8484

In this method, you have to send your IMEI number to 8484 here is the message you will receive when you send a message to 8484.

  • Your complaint IMEI is Valid. Insert your SIM and make calls or messages.
  • The complaint IMEI is invalid. Please insert all SIMs and use them on your phone.
  • Your device IMEI is blocked.

Method 2: By Entering info on PTA website

  • Here is a URL, visit the link
  • Now enter your mobile phone IMEI number in the field. If you do not know how to check IMEI of your phone. Scroll Up We have shared a solution.

Method 3: Installing the PTA Application

If you find any issue while registering your mobile phone with PTA. Ask your query below we will be to help you out.

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