In this article, we are going to share how you can check your Jazz number information. Usually, it happens you forget your mobile number when you want to share it with someone. Its ok don’t worry about this, here we are sharing code for checking your active mobile number without paying a single penny. It means you can check your Jazz mobile number with no balance.

One of the easy is to get the person number. Now call on that number to exchange your numbers. But, what if you don’t have balance in your Jazz SIM. A lot of people do not remember their numbers. It seems very embarrassing when you do not know your own number. Therefore, we are sharing methods to check your Jazz number immediately. You can check your mobile number by dialing a simple code. Below are some of the methods to check your Jazz number details.

*99# No Charges


You can check your mobile number in a very simple way. Get details of your mobile number by sending typing “MNP” in the message and send SMS to 667. MNP stands for “My Number Please”. After sending this SMS to you instantly you will receive SMS from Jazz with your mobile number, CNIC and ownership name. There are no charges for this method. You can check your mobile number with zero balance.


You can also check your Jazz number by dialing simple USSD code. Simply dial *99# from your mobile phone to check your own SIM number. When you dial code details of your phone number with name and registered Identity Card numbers will show on the screen. This method is also free of cost and you can get your SIM card details quickly.


If you do not like using both of the above methods, here we are going to share the third method for you. In this method, you have to call the Jazz Call center operator. Dial “111” from your phone and follow the instruction to talk with Call Center Representative. Ask them for your number.  When you ask them for your number, they will ask you for your Name, IMSI SIM number and CNIC no. for identity verification.


If you want to check your mobile number online. Visit the PTA website and input your CNIC number to get details of your number.


  • You can get your mobile number totally free of cost. No charges will be applied for getting details of your number.
  • When you dial code *99# from your phone, you will get your mobile number on your screen.
  • All of the above methods only work for active SIMs, this method does not work on inactive SIMs.
  • Jazz has a right to change codes at any time.
  • Here is the information you can get by calling Telenor Customer Supports i.e. Telenor Sim Owner, Telenor Number, Registered Address and Current Location.
  • For further information Call Jazz helpline.

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